The camera will only operate on a wifi signal to deliver the footage to your cell Phone or Tablet. You cannot use it without Wifi.

The app is called clever dog. You can download the app from your App/Play Store.

Yes for Android cell phones and tablets. For iPhone, we suggest you view our installation video as there is an extra step involved which can confuse some people.

Yes. You would need access to the router password. It would also have to be a strong connection in order to give you a constant stream.

If the camera is constantly connected to your home wifi and you have a strong connection on your cell phone/tablet then yes you can view live footage from the camera. If your cell phone disconnects from the wifi then your screen will say that the device is offline. If it does, it is referring to your cell phone. In that case just refresh the screen.

The only way to connect to the camera is to be right next to it as you have to press a button on the camera to sync it with your cell phone or tablet and so no one can connect to it unless you give them access to it.

Yes absolutely you can. You can have one for each room of the house. You would just connect a new device each time and follow the same process to connect it for each one. Please view our installation video on our YouTube channel 'Puretech baby ' as this simplifies the installation process.

No computer needed. You just need a smart phone and a stable wifi connection to set this up.

Yes the camera has excellent infra red night vision giving you a clear picture at night.

The app does not offer split screen capability and does not have vox. The camera is triggered with motion detection and will send you an alert when detected. We are looking into split screen capabilities with future models to see if we can build that into the device.

Unfortunately, at this time, it will not alert you if it detects sound but it is something we are planning to add as a feature to future models.

The app runs in the background. When it is activated with motion it will send you a message to your phone. You can if you wish keep the app open to get constant viewing.

It is a color camera but it switches to black and white in low light conditions to give you the best clarity in your lighting conditions.

The camera has the capability of 220 volts for Europe and also 110 Volts for USA. For USA customers, you will have to set the camera voltage to 110 volts from within the app. You can view a video on how to do this on our Youtube Channel "Puretech Baby". One thing to be mindful of however, is to ensure that you use the correct USB plug when using it in a region where the voltage is higher rather than just an adapter as adapters do not convert voltage.

You will have to open the app and leave the camera streaming to hear continuously. If you have the app running in the background it will notify you if it detects movement. These notifications can be set to different levels of sensitivity.

Yes there is. Once you log in and see the home screen. You will see a button on the top left hand corner. Press this button and you will see the option for notifications. Here you can switch it on or off. You can even set dead periods where you do not want any notifications.

Yes it does. Once you have synced the camera to your iPhone download the app on the IPad and sign in with the same credentials. However only one device will be able to stream live at any one time.

Yes you can but please ensure that you have set your iPad screen not to time out as most of them do by default to save battery. You would have to go into your ipad settings and turn off the screen time out option. You can then have the camera on all night.

Yes you can have multiple cameras synced to your cell phone so you can use one for each room if your house or office. You can then name each camera to help you identify each one, e.g. Nursery, living room, Porch etc.

Yes you can. So long as you have a stable connection on your phone you can still view the camera via your app. If you receive a notification that the device is offline, then it is referring to your cell phone losing connection. If this occurs, just refresh the screen when you have a connection again.

No, you only need a memory card if you want to be able to rewind and review.

The camera is stationary and so you would have to rotate it manually if you wanted to change the angle.

Yes. Your kids can hear you from their room when you activate the mic and speak

Yes it can. There are two holes in the bottom of the base. In order to mount it to the wall you would need to prise open the base with a sharp object like a screwdriver which will separate the bottom disc. You then mount this disc to the wall and then click the base of the unit into the disc.

Yes the app is available on Windows. Search "App Clever Dog APK for Windows Phone" The name of the developer is "Cylan" and the app is categorised under "Tools"

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